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Logo Design

Beer Chef Craig and Businessman Ian approached me for the design and creation of their brand for AxelJack Brewery, an independent microbrewery nestled in the picturesque mountains of Maesteg. With a commitment to local production and crafting exquisite beers, they sought a logo reflecting family, nature, and an earthy vibe to distinguish themselves in the brewery scene.

Choosing a color palette became an interesting journey, inspired by a ball of wool. After discussions, we settled on a distinctive palette for their branding and core beers. The final logo featured an off-gold color, chosen for its rustic and clean-cut appeal. The tree symbolizes family, with intertwining roots representing the union of two families. Hops were incorporated to signify the brewing aspect, while a bumblebee added a touch of nature. The chosen font, a blend of Viking and Celtic styles, connects the logo to its cultural origins.

AxelJack Brewery stands out as a fantastic establishment, and I highly recommend exploring their website and treating yourself to one of their delightful beverages!

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